Gender or anti-gender: Who Is Attacking Democracy in Ukraine?

Why is the gender policy an important component of Ukraine’s European integration, and how does society benefit from equal rights and opportunities of men and women? Why does the word “gender” encounter so much hostility among some citizens, and what can we do to change the situation? How is society radicalized by means of manipulations around the subject of gender, and who is benefiting from this? What information attacks against gender equality have been happening in 2013–2020, and who is behind them? What is actually meant by the words “traditional values” and how can we change the meaning of this old phrase? What can human rights-focused civil society organizations do and with whom can they join forces to fend off attacks against the women’s movement and engage more supporters? These are just some of the questions highlighted in the research held by Ukrainian Women’s Fund with scholars and civil society organizations Women in Media and La Strada Ukraine with the support of Government Commissioner for Gender Equality Policy. The research has been conducted with the support of filia.die frauenstiftung and the Federal Ministry of Germany for Foreign Affairs.