Kateryna Cherepaha

President of the organization

I got to La Strada in 1998 as a student. She began to pay attention to the "hot" line, to get involved in other areas of work. The theme of the organization's activities was completely new to me, but it resonated with my thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about the status/role of women. So you can say that it was "destiny". La Strada became and continues to be a part of my life, a guide, support, stimulus, development, a circle of like-minded people and like-minded people. This is my family, which always supports in difficult times and shares joyful moments.

Maryna Legenka

Vice-president of the organization

What is "La Strada" for me? "La Strada-Ukraine" is more than 10 years of my professional life. The place where I was able to realize myself as a specialist, where I constantly improve my qualifications and level of knowledge.
My path in the organization is filled with wonderful memories and moments. It was here that I met real mentors, partners, and friends.
But one of the most valuable is the feeling of the importance of work and its necessity for people. Human rights are above all! And it is very pleasant to realize that I also contribute to the protection of the rights of our citizens, and my work corresponds to my qualifications.
In addition, I have the opportunity to work in an organization where every employee is a true professional and individual, and together we are united by common service to the high values and ideas that our "La Strada" professes!
There are many goals and tasks ahead. And this means even more new knowledge, transformations, discoveries.

Kateryna Borozdina

Vice-president of the organization

What is "La Strada" for me?
"La Strada-Ukraine" became for me exactly the organization where I was able to realize myself, adapt my knowledge and skills, helping the citizens of Ukraine to protect or restore their rights.
My path to "La Strada-Ukraine" was really long: for 11 years I worked in various state structures that take care of social issues. Among them are the Center for Social Services for Family, Children and Youth, the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the Ministry of Social Policy. So, working with people was not new for me. and when a vacancy appeared in "La Strada", she took advantage of this opportunity without hesitation.
I am grateful to fate and everyone who supported my decision to move to "La Strada-Ukraine", because it is a place of work where you go to in the morning with pleasure. And this is important, because you can do a lot with an infusion and a smile.

Veronika Andreenkova

Director of the Department of Education and Mediation

"La Strada" entered my life and the life of my family in 2005.
At that time, I was the head of the "Fabrychnensk general education school 1-3 years. Lutuginsky District, Luhansk Oblast". As the director of the basic legal education school of the Luhansk region, the regional administration of justice and the Center for Work with Women sent me to participate in the "round table" meeting "Legal education of children of the OSCE countries", which took place in Kyiv.
La Strada-Ukraine held this event and implemented this project. Let me tell you: "La Strada-Ukraine" was love at first sight.
Without thinking for a long time, we immediately implemented the project at the school in October. Already in December, Lyudmila Kovalchuk visited us with a monitoring visit. That's how, in literally two months, we solved a lot of organizational issues, learned a lot of new things and, thus, "passed a kind of entrance exam" to become a member of the big "La Strada" family. From the following year, my active activity as a coach of the National Coaching Network began. In June 2014, in connection with military operations, my family was forced to leave their native home. And in September 2014, La Strada once again changed my life by offering me a job. So what our organization is for me, I think, is clear and without unnecessary comments. And yet I will add: "La Strada" is the philosophy of my life.

Alyona Kryvulyak

Director of the Department of National Hotlines

For the first time, I crossed the threshold of the "La Strada-Ukraine" office in 2012. To be honest, I doubted, not really understanding what I, a student of the NPU named after M. P. Drahomanova could give this already quite powerful organization at that time. The teacher supported me in my choice, reminding me of a simple and well-known truth: you need to believe in yourself and your strengths. Very soon I realized that "La Strada" is the place where I can develop; this is the place that today I call my second home, and the people who work nearby my family.
I really like the directions in which the organization is working. It was here that I found myself... My true self.
The "La Strada" collective is a special topic in general. These are wonderful people with whom you always feel "on the same page". You know, about such colleagues who understand each other with half a word, it is usually said that they seem to breathe together. This is exactly about us!
We are a team of like-minded people! I am surrounded by people who are not just colleagues. These are people who have become my friends. These are people who, I repeat, have become my second family.

Valery Bondar


I joined the Public Organization "La Strada-Ukraine" in 2013. Several times I came to practice at the organization, in order to consult on the National "hot" lines.
In 2015, I joined the La Strada team. Since 2017, I have been working in the Department of Prevention, Education and Mediation. Am I interested in this? Apparently, this is a job that brings pleasure. While working, you don't notice how time passes, you don't count the hours until completion. Once you get to La Strada, you change forever. In another way, you look at the philosophy of life, you change your views and values.
In the public organization "La Strada-Ukraine" I found like-minded people, friends and just good acquaintances. La Strada for me is a constant personal and career development. This is support, a team, a family.. yes, a "Lastradiv" family. Who will support you, advise and help you. I always have such a comparison that we are like a train. In which there is a locomotive, wagons and conductors. So, if the above is not present, then this train will not go as it should. So here is our team, we complement each other. We have the same mission, philosophy, values and move forward only. For me, it's a fun job. The team is interesting. An organization that will forever remain in the heart.

Tatyana Kharkivska

Manager in the social sphere

"The only way to do great work is to truly love what you do"
(Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs)
This is an expression that briefly describes me in the powerful Public Organization "La Strada-Ukraine". Working in this organization is not only a pleasant satisfaction from the fact that every day you work for the benefit of society and help people, but also a great opportunity for career growth and professionalism.
It is enough to meet the LaStrada team once and you will remember us forever. Because I have not met a more friendly, positive, creative, creative team anywhere. And it inspires.