В Україні працює чат-бот  «Допомога постраждалим від сексуального насильства, пов'язаного з війною»

Chatbot "Helping victims of war-related sexual violence" works in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the chatbot "Helping victims of war-related sexual violence" works. The public organization "La Strada - Ukraine" in cooperation with ... Read more...
Науково-практичний журнал «Людина. Суспільство. Держава: ґендерний вимір»

Scientific and practical magazine "Lyudyna. Society. State: gender dimension"

We are glad to announce that you have a great opportunity to join us in cooperation in the direction of strengthening scientific support for gender policy ... Read more...
Заява WAVE щодо виходу Туреччини зі Стамбульської Конвенції

WAVE's statement regarding Turkey's withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention

WAVE statement on Turkey's withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention The European Network of Women Against Violence (WAVE) expresses deep concern and condemns the decision ... Read more...
Моніторинг притулків, які надають допомогу особам, постраждалим від  торгівлі людьми

Monitoring of shelters that provide assistance to persons affected by human trafficking

Monitoring, as a system of monitoring processes existing in society, is one of the most important processes in activity. Monitoring results... Read more...
Міжнародний семінар «Протидія торгівлі людьми: питання які потребують адвокації»

International seminar "Combating human trafficking: issues requiring advocacy"

On December 10, on the International Human Rights Day, with the participation of key subjects of combating and preventing human trafficking in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, ... Read more...