Educational platform

Gamified online quest "Live without illusions"

A gamified online quest is a unique quest format using the principles of the game in a non-game environment, by focusing the user's attention on achieving a specific goal, and not on the game itself.

During a gamified online quest, game practices and mechanisms are used in a non-game context to involve users in solving specific problems.

The purpose of the course

Raising the awareness of young women and men about the types and manifestations of domestic and gender-based violence, strengthening the ability of young people to influence the reduction of manifestations of violence and the construction of a safe environment free from any manifestations of violence.

Electronic course

Educational electronic course "I resolve conflicts and build peace around me" is a methodical supplement to the optional program "I resolve conflicts and build peace around me" and the program of the circle "Resolving conflicts peacefully. Basic skills of mediation" (Set of educational programs "Resolving conflicts by peaceful means. Basic skills of mediation (authors: Andreenkova V.L., Levchenko K.B., Doctor of Law Sciences, Lunchenko N.V., Matviychuk M.M. , Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences).

Purpose of the Course

Increasing the level of conflict-related competence of education seekers, skills and abilities to solve conflicts peacefully, non-violent behavior and civil position.

Course tasks
  • provide basic theoretical knowledge of conflict studies;
  • familiarize with the basic principles of peacebuilding;
  • familiarize with the concept of "violence", its types;
  • to consolidate practical skills for distinguishing manifestations of violence in everyday life;
  • master a non-violent model of behavior;
  • to practice practical skills of countering bullying;
  • to form an understanding of gender equality;
  • to form skills for combating discrimination based on gender, age, ethnicity, cultural characteristics, religion, signs of absence/presence of disability, etc.;
  • to develop the skills to resolve conflicts peacefully;
  • to develop the concept of "restorative practices", their role and significance for the educational institution;
  • familiarize with the values and principles of mediation as a conflict resolution tool based on taking into account the interests of the parties to the conflict;
  • practice restorative communication skills;
  • to form an understanding of a safe educational environment;
  • to form an understanding of the importance of student youth participation in peacebuilding and resolving conflicts peacefully.

Video module

Video module "Peer mediation. I resolve conflicts and build peace around me" is a practical supplement to the e-course "I resolve conflicts and build peace around me."

Educational video clip

Educational film "Peer Mediation" has recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine for implementation in the educational process of educational institutions (Letter of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine dated 27.06.2019 No. 1/9-414 "Some issues regarding the creation of a safe educational environment in 2019/2020, the formation of valuable life skills in children and students skills").

The film was created directly for the training (training) of future mediators of the same age to conduct mediation in an educational institution and is an addition to the set of educational programs "Resolving conflicts by peaceful means. Basic skills of mediation". Learning is most effective when visual and auditory perception complement each other.

The use of an educational film during classes allows:

  • to present educational material with a high degree of clarity, especially when modeling practical situations in dynamics;
  • to increase the motivation of students by demonstrating the directions of application of educational information in practical activities;
  • to expand the potential for individualization of the educational process;
  • provide a wide field for active independent activity of students/students;
  • to improve the practical orientation of the educational process by using video clips as educational material.

Online test

Violence: find out if it is in your life. Be able to determine and act

With the help of an online test, it is possible to identify manifestations of violence, domestic violence, bullying against a child; how to act in similar situations and to whom you can and should turn for help.