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Посиденьки про домашнє насильство з Альоною Кривуляк

Meetings about domestic violence with Alyona Kryvulyak

Jealous means love. He doesn't want to share me with anyone - that means he loves me very much. Does not allow me to work - ... Read more...
Як протидіяти домашньому насильству?

How to prevent domestic violence?

What to do if you have experienced violence? Contact the police at number 102 or with a written statement to the administration in your region ... Read more...
Домашнє насильство в умовах COVID-19

Domestic violence in the context of COVID-19

Alyona Kryvulyak, director of the National Hotlines Department, talks about the situation with domestic violence in Ukraine during the pandemic for KyivPost ... Read more...
Тема дня: б’є — значить любить? Як карантин вплинув на домашнє насильство. Від 15.04.2020

Topic of the day: does hitting mean love? How quarantine affected domestic violence

The number of complaints about domestic violence during the quarantine is increasing. To the National Domestic Violence Prevention Hotline, during the month of quarantine, ... Read more...
Сплеск домашнього насильства: як уберегтися і куди звертатися за допомогою на карантині

A surge in domestic violence: how to protect yourself and where to turn for help during quarantine

During the period of quarantine due to the epidemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Ukrainians began to turn to domestic violence hotlines more often for help... Read more...
Домашнє насильство в умовах карантину: як уникнути та куди звертатися за допомогою?

Domestic violence in quarantine: how to avoid it and where to turn for help?

Domestic violence in quarantine: how to avoid and where to turn? ... Read more...