Improving the implementation of international standards and strengthening the response to cases of domestic and gender-based violence committed against citizens of Ukraine abroad

What problems arise in the work of embassies when they provide assistance to Ukrainian citizens who have suffered from domestic or gender-based violence?

Recently, our experts discussed with the consuls who worked in Italy and Poland the experience of their reactions to cases of domestic violence abroad. As well as the main challenges that prevent assistance to Ukrainians. They also talked about the principles of state policy, international and European standards for combating gender-based, and particularly domestic, violence in the context of the activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic institutions.

At the event, experienced consuls shared their knowledge with persons who were recently appointed to the consular service. 

The partners of the event are the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine named after Hennadiy Udovenko under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With the support and participation of the Government Commissioner for Gender Policy.

The event was held as part of the implementation of the project "Safe everywhere: prevention and counteraction of domestic and gender-based violence against Ukrainian women abroad."

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