"The first swallows of quarantine: the number of calls to the National Children's Hotline has increased

"The first swallows" of quarantine: the number of calls to the National Children's Hotline has increased

Most of us think that it's hard for them to sit in quarantine: it's boring, all the series have already been watched, things are sorted... We feel sorry for ourselves, we regret that we want to sit in a cafe and go shopping again. But in reality, children and teenagers suffering from domestic violence are in real trouble. They were left alone with their abusers, and the only way to talk was to call the "La Strada Ukraine" hotline. Thanks to the series "First Swallows" on the New Channel, many teenagers who really need help learned about the possibility of contacting coordinators. And now the number of calls has increased again.

During the quarantine period, we faced such a problem that many children reported to us about violence from their parents, - says Alyona Kryvulyak, coordinator of the hotline. – Today, the situation is becoming more critical, because children's services work remotely, they cannot come home and check on the family. We work very quickly with law enforcement agencies to protect children. After all, we understand that it is very difficult for children today in four walls without psychological support. 

It makes your hair stand on end when you realize how it feels for children who have to be around people who abuse them 24/7. Not necessarily physically, many parents morally humiliate their children, sometimes without realizing it. This painful theme is revealed in "The First Swallows" through the relationship between Polina and her mother, who, with her total control and conviction that she knows better, led to the tragedy.

Almost every fifth appeal is about self-harm (intentional self-harm), - says Alyona Kryvulyak. – And teenagers are proud when a month or two passes after the call, and they no longer cut their bodies! We support them a lot, because we understand how terrible this addiction is. Unfortunately, because of the quarantine, the support of psychotherapists or even psychiatrists is not available to teenagers if they need it. We are trying to fill this gap with our own efforts. Of course, a very acute issue is a misunderstanding with parents. Especially during quarantine. After all, now children are at home with their parents 24/7. And even in such a period, many parents are not interested in what their children are busy with, like their studies, what bothers them The little one lacks banal communication. We build our algorithms that help you take the first step to talking with parents. The hotline works during regular hours regime, consultants come to the main office. In addition, we actively communicate on Instagram.

The new channel will also talk to teenagers and their parents. In the language he knows - in the language of "The First Swallows". From March 31, all episodes of the first season of the series will be released on YouTube of the New Channel, so that parents and children can sit down and watch together. And talk after that about everything that hurts.

We hope that our "Swallows" will make many think about relationships in the family, with friends, about their life, which everyone has only one. Watch "The First Swallows" from March 31 on YouTube of the New Channel at 12:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Watch the series with the whole family and use every day of quarantine to become even closer with your relatives. Listen to each other and don't be afraid to speak the truth.