How to prevent domestic violence?

What to do if you have experienced violence?

  1. Contact the police on 102 or with a written statement to the office in your region.
  2. When you call 102, you can ask for a special mobile domestic violence police team (if available in your area/community) to come. Upon request, the group can issue an urgent restraining order - a document that prohibits the abuser from being in the place of residence and contact with the person who suffered violence. Such a prescription is valid for 10 days.

Remember: criminal responsibility for domestic violence arises when its systematicity is proven - three or more official appeals regarding cases of domestic violence.

  1. Tell about the situation to those you trust: relatives, friends, loved ones, neighbors.
  2. Find shelter in case of danger. For example, the home of loved ones or shelters for victims of domestic violence. Information about shelters and how to get there can be found by calling 116 123.
  3. Keep money, passport and other necessary documents (medical certificates, children's documents, etc.) in an accessible and safe place. Prepare spare clothes and medicine.
  4. Warn neighbors about possible danger. Ask them to call the police if they hear cries for help, screams, or banging.

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