Зміни до Кодексу законів про працю та Закону України "Про відпустку"

Amendments to the Code of Labor Laws and the Law of Ukraine "On Vacation"

On March 17, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law (registration number 3219) "On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine aimed at preventing ... Read more...
Відпустка та інші можливості на період карантину для батьків, які доглядають за дітьми

Vacation and other opportunities during the quarantine period for parents who care for children

Vacations and other opportunities for parents who take care of children for the quarantine period On March 12, 2020, the resolution came into force ... Read more...
Домашнє насильство під час карантину

Domestic violence during quarantine

Domestic violence during quarantine Staying at home is one of the key recommendations, which is spread as much as possible through all communication channels. Under ... Read more...
ГО "Ла Страда-Україна" на час карантину працює дистанційно

NGO "La Strada-Ukraine" works remotely during the quarantine

We are closely following the situation in Ukraine and the world. We are aware of the seriousness and scale of the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. That is why we support the decision ... Read more...

On International Women's Rights Day, we are on the march!

Traditions are unchanged! On International Women's Rights Day, we are on the march! Our demands: Actions, not promises; Ratification of the Istanbul Convention; Stop domestic and gender-based violence ... Read more...
Порядок реагування на випадки булінгу (цькування).

The procedure for responding to cases of bullying (harassment).

For the sake of a safe educational environment in educational institutions, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine approved (December 28, 2019 N 1646) and ... Read more...