Domestic violence during quarantine

Domestic violence during quarantine

Staying at home is one of the key recommendations that is spread as much as possible through all communication channels. During the quarantine, this is a correct and necessary preventive measure that can help in the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

But your own home may not always be the safest place. Especially when it comes to those who suffer from domestic violence. At a time when the whole family is constantly at home, the number of cases of violence can increase and escalate.

Therefore, the National Hotline for Prevention of Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking and Gender Discrimination works as usual - free of charge, anonymous, confidential. You can contact the following numbers: 0 800 500 335 (from stationary) or 116 123 (from mobile) when you need help.

If it is necessary to place victims of domestic violence in a shelter, hotline counselors provide their phone numbers, as well as contacts of organizations and services that are "entry points" to shelters.

Our position is that such institutions should work. Of course, with compliance with all recommendations and additional precautions that would help minimize the risk of infection with the coronavirus. However, the issue of accommodation, especially in connection with quarantine, should be regulated by internal policies and regulations of shelters, as well as recommendations of local authorities.

Also, in case of a serious threat, you can always call the police - 102.

Don't be silent when you need help!

‼️ In turn, we appeal to all institutions that provide assistance to victims of violence and in which they may be (shelters, social assistance centers, social apartments, etc.), call the National Hotline 0 800 500 335 (from landlines) or 116 123 (from mobile) and inform about your work schedule. It will help more respond effectively and promptly to cases of domestic violence, especially at this time.