Scientific and practical magazine "Lyudyna. Society. State: gender dimension"

Dear colleagues!

We are glad to inform you that you have an excellent opportunity to join us in cooperation in the direction of strengthening scientific support for gender policy.

And we present to your attention a scientific and professional publication - the scientific and practical magazine "Lyudyna. Society. The State: Gender Dimension".

Scientific and practical magazine "Lyudyna. Society. The State: Gender Dimension" is officially registered. The magazine is a periodical professional publication, which is published at least twice a year in Ukrainian with articles annotated in English.

The publication was founded with the aim of publishing the results of research works, theoretical and experimental studies of scientists, specialists, doctoral students, post-graduate students, public figures on issues of modern science, as well as providing scientific and informational needs of society in scientific and informational substantiation , highlighting and popularizing the ideas of gender policy in various spheres of social life and relevant knowledge obtained in the process of scientific and research activities. The magazine aims to highlight the results of theoretical and empirical research by scientists and practitioners in the field of jurisprudence, public administration, psychology, sociology, and social work.

When considering articles, the editorial board is guided exclusively by their social relevance, relevance to the topic of the Publication, scientific novelty, theoretical value and practical contribution to the development of science, regardless of the position, academic rank, age, nationality, citizenship, gender, religious and political views of the authors. In order to comply with the requirements of academic integrity, the editorial staff of the journal carries out an anonymous review of articles and a check for the presence of plagiarism.

The publication of materials in issues of the Publication is carried out on the condition that the authors comply with the editorial requirements (in the appendix to this publication), which are put forward for scientific specialized publications of Ukraine, as well as the requirements of the editorial board, which are placed in each issue of the Publication.

The publication is published in open access, which is manifested in the provision of direct open access to issues, support of the principles of free distribution of scientific information and global exchange of knowledge for the sake of general social progress.

Together with us, you will be able to share your scientific achievements and ideas with others.

The magazine "People. Society. The State: Gender Dimension" is a multidisciplinary publication that covers areas such as jurisprudence, public administration, sociology, psychology, pedagogy, etc.

The editorial board takes the necessary measures aimed at including the journal in List of scientific and specialized publications of Ukraine.


Publication in the scientific and practical journal "Lyudyna. Society. State: gender dimension" free.

Materials for publication will be accepted until September 15, 2021.

Contact person: Olena Faydyuk, tel. 0935488779,


We invite you to cooperate!

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The magazine is published thanks to the support of the Government of Canada within the framework of the project "Women's Voice and Leadership - Ukraine", implemented by the Ukrainian Women's Fund (UWF). The NGO "La Strada-Ukraine" is responsible for the content of the information. The information presented in the publication does not always reflect the views of the Government of Canada and the UZHF.