New Law of January 16, 2020

New Law of January 16, 2020

◾️What does it mean?

First of all, the Law strengthens responsibility for crimes provided for in Art. 152, 153 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, committed against a person who is not yet14 years old. For the repeated commission of such a crime, offenders may be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Another important step is the creation of a single register of persons convicted of crimes against the sexual freedom and inviolability of minors. This should become a safeguard against repetition (relapse) of such actions.

◾️Who will have access to the information in this registry?

The following have the right to receive information about the fact that a specific person is in the register:

🔹village, settlement and city mayors, heads of state administrations, other bodies of state power and local self-government - for persons applying for the position of head (deputy head) of a preschool educational institution, a secondary educational institution, an extracurricular educational institution, a health care institution or another institution, organization;

🔹heads of pre-school educational institutions, secondary educational institutions, out-of-school educational institutions, health care institutions or other institutions, organizations obliged to supervise minors or provide services of a medical, educational or social nature to such persons, in connection with the decision questions about hiring a person.

◾️A few more highlights:

🔹 Administrative supervision is established for the relevant category of convicted persons released from prisons.

🔹 The introduction of a voluntary measure of a medical nature in the form of chemical castration was removed from the bill.