WAWE announces a competition for creative works promoting women's rights

WAWE is a European network of women's organizations whose activities are aimed at eliminating violence against women and children. Established in 1994, it currently consists of over 150 member organizations.
"Campaign Step Up!" is a pan-European campaign of the WAVE network that supports efforts to end violence against women, raise awareness of the issue and protect victims of violence against women and girls.
For the third year in a row, we are looking for a special artistic motif to be printed on our bags. If you are a graphic artist who is passionate about creating socially significant art and tries to initiate positive changes in society, we invite you to take part in our competition!
We ask you to imagine and present your vision and interpretation of an inspiring woman, a moment in her everyday life, her heroic moments... anything that you find inspiring in a woman's life for artistic reflection!
Your application must include:
  • artwork submitted in PDF file (in case of more than one entry from the same artist, please send them as separate PDF files) suitable for single color silk screen printing (300 dpi resolution) to email: campaign @wave-network.org;
  • a brief biography of the artist: please include contact details and links to social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, web page, etc.) through which you distribute your work;
  • a scan of the signed short statement in which you give permission to the WAWE network to use your artwork as a 2020 bag motif and to distribute it through the WAVE network and the “Step Up Campaign!” during 2020-2021.
Your rights as an artist will be fully respected and your intellectual property will be fully protected. There is no age limit for this competition, however entrants under the age of 18 must provide signed parental consent in writing.
Contest winner:
  • will receive a prize of 300 euros;
  • his artwork will be printed as artwork for WAVE Network bags for 2020 and will be promoted and distributed through WAVE Network channels;
  • will receive 10 bags with a printed artistic motif.
The contest is open to female artists from May 1 to July 15, 2020.
The WAVE Network and the “Step Up!” Campaign the winner and the chosen motif will be announced by August 31, 2020.
Email: office@wave-network.org