Firsthand about counseling on the "hotline"

The School of Consultants of the National Hotline ended four years ago. Those who successfully completed the training and practice went on to work as certified professionals.

How has their experience changed over the years? What new skills have they acquired? Has working with subscribers affected their lives? Consultants tell:

"Each consultant has his own superpower. I am a psychologist, but the work of a hotline consultant requires a broader approach. My experience in practical social work helped me here, but I still had to learn a lot. I believe that the work of a crisis consultant is a separate profession that combines knowledge of legal issues, social work and psychology. Thank you to all my colleagues and subscribers: during this period, we studied together, changed our lives in such a difficult for everyone period of military operations and armed conflicts, transformation of our society."

"Working at GL marked the beginning of my path in crisis telephone counseling, brought me together with interesting proactive people - my colleagues, gave impetus to my move to Kyiv with small children from the Chernihiv region, enriched my professional experience in counseling women, strengthened my belief in the expediency of gender equality".

"A common goal, common views on the importance of what we do for society as a whole and for each person in particular, common plans and at the same time the uniqueness of each of us, different experiences, different preferences - all this is combined in our huge and professional team. We all rejoiced together at our successes, small victories. It was so important for us to hear words of gratitude from our subscribers. In the breaks between shifts, one of the colleagues will definitely recommend a great movie, share their impressions of the book they have read, and suggest a great place to spend the weekend. All of us gathered with a single goal - to help others and support them when it is so necessary. Subscribers, for their part, taught us to be attentive, tolerant, empathetic, positive, mobile in any difficult situation. It was a valuable experience for each of us, a development, an opportunity to get to know ourselves and others, learn to interact in a team with others and feel that your life has meaning because others need you."

"How is it to consult on such complex topics? Of course, it is not easy, because each call is unique, and behind it is human destiny. What gives strength? The words: "Thank you, you helped me" are priceless when heard on the other end of the phone. And in such moments you understand that everything we do is not in vain."

"4 years is almost 4,000 consultations on hotlines; 4 years are side by side with colleagues who have become a second family; 4 years are the friends I found here; 4 years is experience, hard work, knowledge and skills; 4 years is a small start for big achievements. Thanks to "La Strada-Ukraine" for these 4 years! Next - more!"

"My work is my realized dream, my desire, my intention. I work with people who are dedicated to their work, with people with whom I feel comfortable and at ease! My work is my favorite occupation, and everything that happened during these 4 years taught me to be strong and determined. I respect my colleagues for the fact that they are the best and are ready to help at any time!!"

"I work in my dream team. I help people find answers to their questions, find a way out of the situation. My work is constant development, gaining new experience. I am a fan of my business, I like to consult, hear people's feedback on how they overcome their fears, get rid of their problems and say "Thank you for just being you".

"The national hotline for the prevention of domestic violence, human trafficking and gender discrimination has always been, is and will be a part of me. This is where I feel needed, because in all situations, you, as a consultant, are the thread of hope, faith and support that is so important for people who come to us. You are the huge resource that allows a person to realize that any difficult life situation can be solved. You are the motivator in finding inner strength for all subscribers who contact us. And our staff, our team, our second family are the coolest professionals in their field and for me they are always the best consultants.
I do what I love ❤️ I love what I do."