Combating human trafficking: monitoring the situation and responding. Digest #4


The COVID-19 pandemic remains a relevant factor affecting the human trafficking situation and the response to it. Another wave of increasing morbidity, the need to strengthen quarantine restrictions, a decrease in the level of employment and a negative impact on the well-being of citizens and the economic condition of countries as a whole, efforts to adapt to new conditions are characteristic features of today. Assessing such impact, particularly in the long term, identifying effective mechanisms and best response practices is a task for the state, international and public organizations. About the results of such assessments, analysis of trends, about changing approaches and not only - in the next edition of the digest

The digest was prepared jointly with the Office of the Government Commissioner for Gender Policy within the framework of the project "Advocacy to improve the response of the state and policy against human trafficking", which is supported by the International Organization for Migration and the Kingdom of Norway.

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