International seminar "Combating human trafficking: issues requiring advocacy"

On December 10, on International Human Rights Day, the event "Combating Human Trafficking: Issues that Need Advocacy" was held in Ivano-Frankivsk Region with the participation of key actors in combating and preventing human trafficking.
The participants discussed challenges in the practical implementation of anti-trafficking activities, including in the process of identifying cases of human trafficking for the purpose of labor exploitation, problematic aspects of establishing the status of a person who has suffered from human trafficking.
Among the topical issues that were emphasized during the event:
🔹 the need for active involvement and development of the system of providing services to victims of human trafficking at the level of OTG,
🔹 the need to improve the procedure for establishing the status of a person affected by human trafficking, including, taking into account new trends and challenges in this area, various forms of exploitation, etc.
📝 The recommendations will be elaborated and sent to the relevant subjects for further use in the formation of policy in this area, in particular during the development and improvement of regulatory and legal acts.