How to help yourself to prevent chronic stress

During the New Year's bustle, a feeling of anxiety may arise: for the results of the year or plans for the next. Very often there is fear and misunderstanding of the future, which we will help to deal with today in order to prevent chronic stress.

Not knowing the future is okay

We are all going through a crisis right now. A crisis is when something like this will no longer happen before, and we still don't know what to do next. Someone has been experiencing this crisis since covid, someone during the war, someone their own/personal crisis. This is the reality in which we live. Stress is normal. Stress during war is normal. Not knowing the future is ok. No one knows him (maybe only fortune tellers and tarot readers, if you believe in them). But try not to be afraid of it, but to accept it.

What exactly am I afraid of?

Figure out what exactly you are afraid of. Breaking down fears into specific aspects can help reduce their power. So, among the "big" future, you may be afraid of some specific period, for example, when you will take exams, and everything else is not so or not scary at all.


Try creating a plan. Then plan B, if you want, you can also make plan B. Planning helps you sort through the chaos of what you really want and what you don't. And it will help not to go where you are afraid to end up.


Educate yourself and how to help yourself with stress. Try different techniques/methods that really work for you. Maybe it will help to go to energetic dances, or maybe anti-stress coloring during anxiety. There are many methods. Try to find yours.

Do you need support, do you not cope with your emotions and cover up a lot?

We are here for you. Psychologists of the National Hotline for Children and Youth and Teenerizer are always ready to support at this moment. Fear can be overwhelming, so it's important to talk about it and seek support. Believe me, there are a lot of people who can help and for whom you are important!

You can contact the following contacts:

call 116 111 or 0 800 500 225

Instagram: @childhotline_ua                          Telegram: @CHL116111                        Facebook: childhotline.ukraine

And also through the psychological support chat on the website

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teams of Teenerizer and NGO "La Strada - Ukraine".