Digital campaign to promote gender equality and combat violence. Bolt, Public Organization "La Strada - Ukraine" and media "ShoTam" will develop a series of educational videos.

Digital campaign to promote gender equality and combat violence. Bolt, Public Organization "La Strada - Ukraine" and media "ShoTam" will develop a series of educational videos.

Bolt Company and Public Organization "La Strada - Ukraine" continue cooperation within the framework of a digital campaign to prevent gender-based violence and support gender equality. A series of videos for drivers and passengers on the topic of combating sexual harassment and sexual violence will be launched on the social networks of Sho Tam media and the company Bolt. The digital campaign is aimed at increasing the level of safety of people during taxi trips.

12 different stories will be published on Sho Tam's social networks, and each video will be sent by email and in the driving app to partner drivers with a comment for their review. The video scripts are specially developed by the experts of "La Strada - Ukraine" in order to demonstrate the widest possible range of cases of sexual harassment and sexual violence, so that both women and men are aware of the various forms and manifestations of this type of violence, as well as know how to act and where to turn in such situations.

“For us at Bolt, passenger and driver safety is our #1 priority. We don't get tired of talking about it and improving in this direction. In our opinion, it is very important not only to counteract, but also to prevent violence and gender discrimination. That is why we are grateful to our partners, the Public Organization "La Strada - Ukraine" and the media "ShoTam", in cooperation with which we launched a digital campaign with educational videos that will help to understand the dangers and consequences of cases of harassment and violence . In this way, we aim to reduce the level of danger and teach people how to counter and prevent violence.” - said Serhiy Pavlyk, head of the Bolt service.

In June 2023, the Bolt company and the Public Organization "La Strada - Ukraine" signed a memorandum of cooperation. Within the framework of cooperation, a number of joint initiatives are implemented, such as violence prevention trainings for company employees and drivers; development and placement of electronic information materials and printed layouts with useful information and instructions/advice on how to act in situations of violence. Over time, a new function will appear in the application, with the help of which everyone who needs it will be redirected to the hotline of the NGO "La Strada - Ukraine".

Since 1997, the organization "La Strada - Ukraine" has been working to ensure that human rights are observed in Ukraine and helps those who have suffered from any type of gender-based violence. Cooperation with Bolt and ShoTam media is a new stage of cooperation for us. We believe that this activity will help to make taxi rides safer for Ukrainian women," said Kateryna Cherepaha, president of the organization "La Strada - Ukraine"

Bolt company information

Bolt is a multi-application whose main goal is to make moving around the city more accessible, safe and environmentally friendly. Bolt services are used by more than 150 million people in 45 countries of Europe and Africa (more than 500 cities). The multi-app provides a number of services, such as car calling, car sharing, e-scooter and e-bike rental, as well as food and grocery delivery. Currently, more than 3 million drivers and couriers around the world cooperate with the company.

In Ukraine, Bolt services are available in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Poltava, Kryvyi Rih, Chernihiv, Sumy, Bila Tserkva, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi, Zhytomyr, Kropyvnytskyi, Cherkassy, Mykolaiv, Chernivtsi, Kremenchuk, Lutsk, Rivne, Ternopil, as well as in Uzhhorod, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odesa, Mukachevo, Drohobych, Kamianets-Podilskyi and Truskavets (

Information about the NGO "La Strada - Ukraine"

NGO "La Strada - Ukraine" has been working for more than 25 years to ensure gender equality, prevent gender-based violence, in particular domestic violence, combat human trafficking and ensure children's rights.

La Strada - Ukraine provides the operation of two National Hotlines:

National hotline for prevention of domestic violence, human trafficking and gender discrimination: 0 800 500 335 (from a mobile or landline) or 116 123 (from mobile phone);

National hotline for children and youth: 0 800 500 225 (from a mobile or landline) or 116 111 (from mobile).