The national hotline for the prevention of domestic violence, human trafficking and gender discrimination is functioning around the clock by numbers:

0 800 500 335 (free from stationary)
116 123 (free from mobile)

The national hotline for children and youth is functioning daily from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m by numbers:

0 800 500 225 (from stationary) 
116 111 (free from mobile)

In order to join the "La Strada-Ukraine" team and become a volunteer, you need to write a letter of motivation, your education and the activities you want to do in the organization to our e-mail: info@la-strada.org.ua.

Our managers will read the letter and give you an answer.

The "La Strada-Ukraine" organization works in four areas of activity:

  1. Combating human trafficking;
  2. Protection of children's rights;
  3. Promoting the observance of women's rights and gender equality, combating discrimination;
  4. Prevention of gender-based violence, in particular, domestic violence.

On these issues, we provide consultation on National hotlines, as well as through electronic consultation channels, such as:

  • Skype: @lastrada-ukraine
  • Messenger: @lastradaukraine
  • Email: hotline@la-strada.org.ua
  • Telegram: @NHL116123.

Regarding the protection and rights of children, there are electronic channels at:

  • Telegram: @CHL116111
  • Instagram: @childhotline_ua
  • Messenger: @childhotline.ukraine

Consultations are provided by qualified lawyers, psychologists and social workers. During the consultation, you can familiarize yourself with the legislation, draw up an algorithm for solving the problem, get psychological support and useful contacts and addresses of bodies, state and non-state institutions for further assistance.

Members of the National Coaching Network (hereinafter NTM) and the National Mediator Network (hereinafter NMT) are admitted to the NTM or NMT on a competitive basis by submitting an application form of the established model (Appendix 1) and written statements addressed to the President of the Organization (appendix 2). The application and application form are considered by the commission within 10 days. The answer is given to the candidate no later than 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the application.

How can you get an in-person consultation?

Counseling at the public organization "La Strada-Ukraine" can be obtained by phone at the National Hotlines or through electronic counseling channels (information is in the question: How to contact the organization for help?)

During the consultation, specialists refer you to psychologists who provide face-to-face consultations in your area. They can be specialists of state or non-state institutions.

In order to join the "La Strada-Ukraine" team and start cooperating with us, you need to write a letter to our e-mail info@la-strada.org.ua with your proposals for joint cooperation.  

Our managers will read the letter and give you an answer.