Campaign for International Children's Day

Campaign for International Children's Day

For International Children's Day, NGO "La Strada - Ukraine" implemented a campaign in cooperation with 3 Kyiv cafes and together with our consultants created a very touching video greeting. We reminded everyone that every child has the right to safety, love, care, the right to express their opinion and respect for their boundaries.


We, the adults, have to provide children with a happy childhood. And children's voices should be loud. We have designed drink cups with quotes about own rights written by the National Helpline for Children and Young People's social media followers:

"I have the right to...":

  • own opinion
  • a life without violence
  • love and respect
  • personal space (and others).

These cups housed cafes and coffee shops Soul Cafe, NoPanic Kyiv and

We believe that everyone should be heard. Therefore, the contacts are also indicated on the cups National hotline for children and youth. Where children, adolescents, student youth and all adults, whose request concerns the protection of children's rights, have the opportunity to apply and receive help and support. Around the clock Anonymously. Free.

And in our video greeting, we showed the "dialogue" of our colleagues from childhood with them today. They asked themselves if their dream and wish that they made on New Year's Eve came true, if they managed to transfer from a bicycle to a car, if they learned to smile and so on. Subscribers and colleagues themselves were very moved by this video, so you can watch it too:

If you need advice on the protection of children's rights, you can always contact the National Helpline for Children and Young People. If a child or teenager needs support in any situation, the counselors of the hotline are always nearby:

call 116 111 or 0 800 500 225

Instagram: @childhotline_ua                          Telegram: @CHL116111