If you feel bad - don't be silent: 7TEEN'S in the new video "Shout" urges teenagers not to be alone with their feelings

If you feel bad - don't be silent: 7TEEN'S in the new video "Shout" urges teenagers not to be alone with their feelings

Youth band 7TEEN'S presents a new track and video work "Scream". Participants continue to talk about teenage life and feelings in their work. This time, the band paid attention to the inner experiences, because of which teenagers often close in on themselves. 

According to 7TEEN'S, you should not be left with the problem alone, but you should not be afraid to get good advice from the elders.

"It often seems that teenage feelings are superficial and inauthentic. First experiences, first confessions and partings... At a young age, we do not know how to control our emotions, so we are often left alone with incomprehension. We can also offend another person.

The track "Shout" is just about that. When two lovers have feelings for each other, but cannot convey what they do not like in communication. They close in on themselves and start gnawing at themselves from the inside, thinking that they are not so good-looking, smart, and so on," the participants said.

The video work was filmed in Ivano-Frankivsk region - in Bogorodchany, in one of the local schools. The main location of the clip was chosen for a reason, because it is at school that every child experiences the first experience of socialization, communication, friendship and first love. In the video, the participants are alone with their feelings, but then they are not ashamed to share their emotions with another person. In the clip "Shout", this person is the prototype of a psychologist.

In order to encourage teenagers to dialogue, 7TEEN'S together with the Public Organization "La Strada-Ukraine" inform about the existence of the National Hotline for Children and Youth, which provides informational, social, psychological and legal consultations to all children, teenagers and students/ to female students who apply to her, as well as to all adults whose inquiries concern children. 

"We urge you to be as close as possible to your parents and relatives and always share your experiences. But if you are not ready and it is easier for you to tell your story to a stranger - it is possible. Remember that you are not alone, you will always be helped. Now is a very difficult time, but you should not forget about your moral state and take care of it. There is always a way out," 7TEEN'S shared.

The national hotline for children and youth is open around the clock, and all consultations are provided according to the principles anonymity and confidentiality.

Available channels for consultation:

(free of charge from mobile and landline phone numbers throughout Ukraine)

166 111
(free of charge from mobile phone numbers throughout Ukraine)