The educational hub of Google Knowledge will help you find resources for the development of everyone in Ukraine

The educational hub of Google Knowledge will help you find resources for the development of everyone in Ukraine

Millions of Ukrainians found themselves in a situation where they needed to adapt to the challenges of the war and gain new knowledge. Many have a need to change their careers, help their children get an education, or just get distracted and learn something new for themselves.

Recently, the Google Knowledge educational hub was launched in Ukraine. With the launch of this hub, Google wants to help Ukrainians acquire new skills and develop careers, and Ukraine to move towards digitalization of education, despite difficult times. Ukraine became the first country in the world where a local version of this educational hub was presented.

Thanks to Google Knowledge, Ukrainian users will be able to more easily find all the resources that Google has for obtaining knowledge. The educational hub will help anyone in Ukraine learn anything in the world, regardless of whether it is knowledge for school, knowledge for work or knowledge for life.

Knowledge for school

In the "Knowledge for school" section, you can find Google resources designed for educators, students and their parents to discover new tools for learning and teaching online:

Knowledge for work

Section "Knowledge for work" contains resources that will be useful to those Ukrainians who aspire gain practical skills, find a new job and grow your business during this difficult time. Here you will find: 

  • New digital opportunities with Google - a site where educational resources from Google are collected to achieve faster development and sustainable recovery of the economy. 
  • Digital Workshop - a platform for those who want to improve their Internet skills, are needed for business development, career growth or simply for self-confidence. 
  • Professional certificates – here you will find flexible online learning programs that will help you gain important practical skills, as well as a certificate of acquisition of skills in in-demand occupations. Certificates are also available for small and medium-sized businesses from Ukraine by link 
  • Grow your career with Google Cloud – the program will help IT developers and students to get practical and in-demand skills in the basics of working with cloud technologies, necessary for career development or finding a new job. 
  • Google for small and medium businesses - resources and advice that can be useful for Ukrainian business in this difficult time. 
  • Market Finder - a free service that helps companies enter new markets, find new customers and partners, increase export sales online, etc. 
Knowledge for life

The "Knowledge for Life" section contains all Google resources created to open the world, develop, and encourage curiosity

Discover the Google Knowledge Education Hub for new practical knowledge and new opportunities.