Meeting of the platform of non-governmental organizations "La Strada-International" in Istanbul

Meeting of the platform of non-governmental organizations "La Strada-International" in Istanbul

1On November 8-20, a meeting of the Platform of Non-Governmental Organizations "La Strada-International" was held in Istanbul. The President of "La Strada-Ukraine" Olga Kalashnyk and Vice-President Kateryna Cherepaha took part in the Platform.

The NGO platform has been active since 2005. Currently, the members of the Platform are non-governmental organizations and networks from 20 European countries.

The purpose of the activity is to strengthen cooperation between civil society organizations (both in EU countries and outside the EU), which combine work withprevention of human trafficking and assistance to victims with advocacy for the eradication of human trafficking worldwide.

During the meeting, the following was presented:
1) the results of the study "Changing roles in a changing world: analysis of the role of public associations in anti-trafficking activities" conducted by the NGO "Ukrainian Institute of Social Research named after O. Yaremenko" commissioned by the NGO "La Strada-Ukraine". The purpose of the study is to analyze the role of public organizations in identifying problems, advocating for changes, preventing human trafficking and participating in court/advocacy processes, rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of human trafficking.

In this study, an analysis of cooperation with state structures, obtaining state support for the activities of public associations and consideration of these activities was also carried out.


The conclusions of the study found a response from the member organizations of the Platform, since the situations in countries in the Far East and the recommendations of the study are relevant not only for Ukraine.

2) Standard operating procedures for counseling on the "hot" line for the prevention of human trafficking, developed by the NGO "La Strada-Ukraine" together with Government Commissioner for Gender Policy, the International Organization for Migration and the All-Ukrainian Coalition of Non-Trafficking Public Associations.

Both publications were created within the framework of the project "Advocacy to improve the response of the state and policy to combat human trafficking", which is implemented by the NGO "La Strada - Ukraine" together with the International Organization for Migration with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway. Later, they will appear in public access