Educational video

Educational video "Mediation of peers".

We have another good mediation news: we are sharing with you the educational video "Mediation of peers".

The video is a practical addition to the optional program and the e-course "I resolve conflicts and build peace around me", the program of the group "Resolving conflicts peacefully. Basic skills of mediation" and clearly demonstrates how conflicts can be resolved peacefully in educational institutions, thanks to the mediation of peers and the functioning of mediation services (Set of educational programs "Resolving conflicts peacefully. Basic skills of mediation").

The video has the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine for implementation in the educational process of educational institutions (Letter of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine dated 27.06.2019 No. 1/9-414 "Some questions regarding the creation of a safe educational environment in 2019/2020, the formation of valuable values in children and students life skills").

The methodological materials were prepared as part of the project "Creation of a system of understanding services for the introduction of mediation on the principle of "equal to equal" and resolving conflicts by peaceful means in educational institutions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions", which is implemented by the NGO "La Strada-Ukraine" and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF ) with the financial support of the European Union.