We are looking for a responsible and caring person to join the team for the position of communications manager

NGO "La Strada - Ukraine" is looking for a responsible and caring person to join the team for the position of communications manager. Come to us if: you care about the protection of women's and children's rights; you are not afraid of the words "feminism" and "gender equality" and you do not support manifestations of any discrimination; you are a creative person with an active civic position. Responsibilities: Communication support of the Organization's projects; brand development and promotion...

We are looking for future Consultants of National Hotlines!

We are looking for future Consultants of National Hotlines! The public organization "La Strada-Ukraine" announces a competitive selection for participation in the School of Counseling. If you: have a specialized legal or psychological education and work experience in the field; fluent in the Ukrainian language; interested in working offline in Kyiv; interested in combating gender-based violence, protecting the rights of women and children; you have an active lifestyle and...

Digital campaign to promote gender equality and combat violence. Bolt, Public Organization "La Strada - Ukraine" and media "ShoTam" will develop a series of educational videos.

Діджитал кампанія зі сприяння забезпеченню ґендерної рівності та протидії насильству. Bolt, Громадська Організація «Ла Страда — Україна» та медіа «ШоТам» розроблять серію освітніх роликів. Компанія Bolt та Громадська Організація «Ла Страда — Україна» продовжують співпрацю в рамках діджитал кампанії задля попередження ґендерно зумовленого насильства та підтримці ґендерної рівності. Серія відеороликів для водіїв та пасажирів на тему протидії сексуальним домаганням і …

Campaign for International Children's Day

Campaign for the International Day of Children's Protection For the International Day of Children's Protection, NGO "La Strada - Ukraine" implemented a campaign in cooperation with 3 Kyiv cafes and, together with our consultants, created a very touching video greeting. We reminded everyone that every child has the right to safety, love, care, the right to express their opinion and respect for their boundaries. We adults have...

The educational hub of Google Knowledge will help you find resources for the development of everyone in Ukraine

Recently, the Google Knowledge educational hub was launched in Ukraine. With the launch of this hub, Google wants to help Ukrainians acquire new skills and develop careers, and Ukraine to move towards digitalization of education, despite difficult times. Ukraine became the first country in the world where a local version of this educational hub was presented.

"There is a way out!" - a new PR campaign to combat domestic violence was launched in Ukraine

NGO "La Strada-Ukraine" launched the PR campaign "There is a way out!", the main character of which is the famous Ukrainian TV presenter, actress, screenwriter, producer and director Daria Tregubova. The campaign is designed to show that women in a situation of domestic violence are not alone, help is nearby, and there is always a way out of this situation, and to provide a clear algorithm of actions if a woman has suffered from domestic violence.

The first digital security hotline

In Ukraine, launch the first digital security hotline in Eastern and Central Europe NADIYNO. This is an online platform where you can chat with a specialist to solve any digital security issue quickly, confidentially, and most importantly, free of charge.